Quarantine centre not coping well

IMPHAL, 10th May: Quarantine centres opened up to house the stranded citizens returning to the state are not coping well with the centres getting dirtier day by day, not getting enough time for sanitation process and lack of necessary materials due to non-stop arrival of returnees every day.
According to one A Shivananda Singh who came back to the state in his own vehicle from Uttar Pradesh and is quarantined with his family at IIIT Mantripukhri quarantine centre, although the staff of the centre are working hard to take care of the returnees there are some issues due to want of required staff and lack of responsibility amongst the returnees.
There is urgent requirement for sanitising the beds, clothes and toilets used by the inmates as there is daily arrival of people at the centre. According to officials, bed sheets and new clothes are provided after the rooms and beds are properly sanitised but due to non-stop arrival they are not getting time to sanitise them properly, he claimed.
Shivananda pointed out that the toilets in the centre are getting dirtier due to irresponsible usage by some returnees, while the officials are saying that they are not able to hire more sanitary workers to clean them even after offering to pay more money. This has resulted in the place getting more and more susceptible to infection.
He lamented that they had come back to the state to escape the disease taking every protective measure, but after reaching the state they are again facing the danger of getting infected which needs to be tackled by the government at the earliest. People who are coming to the centre should also become more responsible and work to keep the centre neat and clean. 

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