Khemchand opts for institutional quarantine over community facility

IMPHAL, 8th May: Singjamei MLA and Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker Yumnam Khemchand has strongly advocated for institutional quarantine over community quarantine with the assertion that the former is inevitable to contain possible contraction of coronavirus among the state natives who would return home from different parts of the country after over two months being stranded due to Covid-19 lockdown.
During an inspection of the newly established community quarantine centre for Singjamei AC at Manipur College on Friday, Khemchand said that the centre will be operational without any funds from the government and opined that sanctions should be made instead for the welfare of state’s natives who are stuck in different parts of the country.
Commenting on the current situation in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity to take extensive care to prevent spread of the disease, Khemchand asserted that the initiatives taken up by the state Government to combat coronavirus and COVID-19 in the state is highly laudable.
He informed that all residents of the assembly constituency stranded in Shillong and parts of Assam have been successfully evacuated and works are underway to bring back people stranded in Kolkata as a follow up.
He also mentioned that out of more than 30 people stranded in Kolkata, only seven individuals are ready for evacuation as a majority of them are staying under red zone or living in city outskirts.
Opining that the present situation is a war between humans and virus, Khemchand remarked that it is uncertain whether the situation will last for a long time or not. He also informed that more than 300 residents of the AC are stranded in different parts of the country and continuous efforts are being made to provide aid and assistance to them.
Highlighting the hardship being faced by stranded state natives, Khemchand observed that individuals who went for medical treatment outside the state are among those suffering the worst along with informing that monetary assistance of Rs 5000 each has been provided to stranded natives who went for medical treatment for the initial phase.
Informing the general public on the necessity of keeping returnees in institutional quarantine followed by 14 days in community quarantine, Khemchand remarked that such community quarantine centres have been really beneficial to those individuals requiring home quarantine facilities. He also highlighted the order made by Imphal West DC N Praveen for opening community quarantine centres in 21 schools and colleges, following which a community quarantine centre for Singjamei AC has been arranged at Manipur College as per guidelines provided by WHO.
Speaking in relation to inspection of the community quarantine centre, Singjamei AC Quarantine Management Committee chairman K Sharatchandra informed that the community quarantine centre was established under the leadership of Khemchand to provide home quarantine facilities to people belonging to the AC who are currently stranded or are on their way back home from different parts of the country. Two individuals are currently being kept at the centre and arrangements have been completed to facilitate several others requiring home quarantine.
Moreover, he continued that any returnees arriving from different parts of the country are required to be kept at institutional quarantine centre and such individuals are not allowed to skip the first one opting for community quarantine centres as the latter is for containment of individuals who had tested COVID-19 negative in institutional quarantine centres which are under the initiative of state government, adding that there are major confusions among the public regarding the issue. Lastly, he informed that Quarantine Management Committee have commissioned 11 separate departments with over 90 volunteers in total helming different tasks and operations. Furthermore, he informed that 8 staff from medical department who will lead operations roles in the centre have completed training.

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