Naga leaders act as good samaritans to NSCN cadres

DIMAPUR, 8th May: As the number of people rises looking for help in this time of unprecedented crisis across the world, there have also been programmes witnessed these days where Good Samaritans leave their comfort zones to render their services to the needy people.
In the past two months, Manipur also witnessed people rendering their services by way of providing essential commodities to those who need them. One such case was also witnessed on Friday in Senapati district where senior Naga leaders went to an NSCN-IM camp to provide essential commodities.
A journalist who went to cover the programme said that senior Naga leaders carried with them essential commodities to Huthrong Brigade of the NSCN-IM and distributed to the cadres there.
When contacted over phone, one of the Naga leaders who participated in the programme said that they rendered the service to the NSCN-IM cadres by providing some ration under the theme, “A touch of goodwill on the COVID-19 pandemic watch”.
Huthrong Brigade is situated some 15 km North-West of Senapati district headquarters.
Rice, dal, hand sanitizers, face masks, some medicines such as Paracetamol, agricultural tools and seed for plantation were handed over to the NSCN-IM cadres by the Naga leaders.
“We were doing this on behalf of our people,” said one of the Naga leaders over phone.
“Speaking on the occasion, a Naga leader expressed that having faith in God is the only way to fully protect ourselves from COVID-19 pandemic,” said one of the participants.
The NSCN-IM cadres then expressed their gratitude to the Naga leaders for providing essential commodities they needed in this time of hardship, according to the journalist. 

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