Covid-19: Lack of manpower grips Mao Entry Point

SENAPATI, 8th May: “COVID-19 damping site” is the new name given by locals to Mao town. While the entry point at Mao is treated as most important checking point of outsiders coming into the state, locals of the town have started raising their voice against lack of facilities at the screening centre at Mao.
Following declaration of green zone and relaxation of lockdown protocols, there is spurt in the inflow of people through Mao gate from May 3 last.
Opening only one screening centre for the huge inflow of people including passengers, drivers and handymen of loaded trucks ferrying essential commodities to the state by a team of only 15 medical staff and paramedics has become a nightmare for the health workers.
Altogether, 225 stranded state natives from Guwahati, Assam had reportedly entered the state in 11 different buses till the time of filing this report. This is in addition to some four-wheeler vehicles that entered the state with permission of State Home Department.
All the outgoing vehicles from Manipur are reportedly screened at Khuzama Check Point, Nagaland whereas, in-coming vehicles are being checked at Mao Police Station for entry and examination of relevant documents consequently leading to huge pile up of vehicles in the small town of Mao and giving sleepless nights to medical staff and Police personnel here. Given the lack of parking space in Mao subsequent to Nagaland authorities restricting parking of vehicles in their jurisdiction and increasing work load of medical staff and Police personnel, locals have suggested them not to screen all the incoming vehicles.
Some even suggested division of works by appointing separate OCs of COVID-19 and law and order.
Seeing the quarantine work at JNV, Mao, locals are demanding separate ambulance for the quarantine centre. They are also of the view that specially trained doctor should be deployed at the centre.
Taking note of the situation, denizens of Mao town opined that all police personnel on duty should be tested for coronavirus infection after their duty.
Locals also expressed apprehension over entry of private vehicle like cars with other states’ registration number at this crucial time where they are not sure if the incoming individuals would undergo recommended mandatory quarantining in Imphal.

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