State cop’s ‘proud moment’ goes viral

New Delhi, 8th May: It is a wholesome moment for every child when their parents feel proud of them. One such moment which was captured in a picture has warmed the hearts of social media users.
A photo of Manipur cop Rattana Ngaseppam and her father has inspired thousands of people. The photo shows the Rattanna's father checking the stars on his daughter's uniform and she looks at him with a huge smile on her face.
"Rattana Ngaseppam, Deputy SP from Imphal, Manipur. Her proud dad checking out the stars on her uniform. And #Rattana proudly watching the stars in her father's eyes," the photo is captioned.
The photo which was shared on Twitter on Thursday has gone viral. The beautiful picture has struck a chord with netizens. One user said, "What a beautiful picture." Another wrote, "Rattana eyes were watching the star maker who is fixing the stars of her uniform."
A third user commented, "Proud moment. This will inspire billions." Yet another user noted, "What a capture of a father's pride and a daughter's respect."
Last month, an eight-year-old daughter of a Delhi cop had written a heartfelt letter thanking her father and his colleagues who are risking their lives for the safety of others during the coronavirus lockdown.
"You do not sleep at night. You come late to your house or sometimes you don't come to the house. So I, Vidhi Dhaka, daughter of Anil Kumar Dhaka, want to thank you and your staff for taking care of everyone without thinking of your own lives," the girl had written in the letter.

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