Doctors’ conduct peeves community leaders

MOREH, 7th May: Leaders of different communities in Moreh expressed strong resentment over the alleged high handedness of the three specialist doctors of Moreh hospital, who have been suspended on charge of dereliction from duty by the government.
According to the community leaders, the suspension order clearly mentions that the doctors shall stay in the headquarters, which is Moreh in their case, during the suspension period and cannot leave the HQ without prior permission. However, none of them are in Moreh, which is a clear act of highhandedness.
The leaders further said that ministers and top officials of the health directorate made numerous assurance and finally issued orders for transfer of the three doctors. Unfortunately, the three doctors are still defying the government orders, the leaders claimed and demanded that the government take up stern action to ensure compliance of the suspension order and to fill up the vacant posts of doctors in the hospital at the earliest.

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