Martyrs’ Day: CCU urges Naga brethren to keep alive patriotic spirit

UKHRUL, 6th May: Concerned Citizens of Ukhrul (CCU) has called upon all Naga brethren cutting across different social and political spectrums to keep alive the spirit of patriotism as shown by two youths Neli Chakho and Dikho Loshou who laid down their precious lives for the cause of Naga nationalism.
On Wednesday, CCU joined the rest of the state's Naga districts in commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Martyrs' Day held in honour of late Neli Chakho and late Dikho Loshou, who were shot dead by state security forces at Mao Gate on May 6 in 2010.
"Our brothers Neli Chakho and Dikho Loshou had shown us all an exemplary spirit of patriotism and laid down their precious lives. Their supreme sacrifices should remind the Naga people to keep alive the same spirit of nationalism," exhorted social activist Wungpam Kasar during the observance at NPMHR, Ukhrul office at Phungreitang.
"Today, as we remember our martyrs, Naga brethren from across all social and political expanses should reaffirm their commitment to the Naga cause," he continued, adding that the two youths from Mao community stood for the cause of Naga people when the state security forces attempted to subjugate the Naga Movement at Mao Gate on this day 10 years back.
Senior rights activist Hungyohung Hungyo opined that commemorating the day was a fitting tribute to the duo and added that "the Naga public owed honour and reverence to the two martyrs for their supreme sacrifices."
According to Hungyohung, who is also a key member of the Concerned Citizens of Ukhrul, the Martyrs' Day observance could not be organised in a full scale manner owing to the current COVID-19 lock-down situation.
"Because of this, we couldn't bring in many people, and so this event has been made more of a symbolic one," he said.
Speaking at the occasion, another member of CCU Dr Ngahorshai Luithui stated that there's no greater sacrifice than laying down one's own life and that the Naga public must ensure that the martyrs are honoured and remembered throughout the history of Naga movement.
Recounting the situation leading to the tragedy, Kinson Luithui of CCU related that the state government had banned the entry of Th Muivah, general secretary of NSCN-IM, into the state, when he was supposed to arrive at Mao Gate to proceed towards his native village of Somdal in Ukhrul district in 2010.
Subsequently, a massive number of state security forces were deployed at Mao Gate area to subdue the Naga public who were taking out a peaceful mass procession there against the state government's move on May 6, he recalled.
On the fateful day, the two youths were shot dead when they tried to stop the state security forces from assaulting peaceful protesters who were mostly women, he said.
Six days after their death, the two youths were buried only on May 12 on which day Martyrs Day was declared, Luithui added.

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