CorCom extends May Day greetings

IMPHAL, 30th Apr: The proscribed Coordination Committee (CorCom), a conglomerate of underground groups operating in Manipur, has paid its highest respect and revolutionary honour to all the working class people who sacrificed lives for their rights.
It also hailed the role the working class in ensuring rights of the marginalised communities throughout the world.
While recounting historical events that led to the observance of May Day every year on May 1, the outfit said it was Karl Marx who first woke up working class people to fight for their rights against capitalists after the latter forced them to work for 10-16 hour a day. Along with his friend Engels, Karl Marx published a Communist Manifesto in 1848 to unite all working class people and started hectic campaign to fulfil points mentioned in the manifesto.
As decided by National Labour Union of America in 1886, it was unanimously agreed that labourers should work for only eight hours a day and started a movement. The epicentre of the movement was at Chicago but it soon spread throughout America. Confrontations broke out between labourers and police at many places during the movement and six labourers were killed and many arrested after police launched brutal crackdown against the agitating labourers. The arrested labourers were hanged after trial on November 11, 1887. Later, the second Communist International meet convened in 1889 resolved to observe May 1 every year as day for labourers/working class people and the day is today observed throughout the world as May Day, the outfit said and paid its highest honour to all those martyred for the rights of the working class people.
While working class people of the world stood up against those suppressing them and improved their conditions, working class people of Manipur continue to be suppressed and their conditions remain unchanged till date as they have nowhere to complaint for their rights and their economic conditions getting deteriorated day by day.
The outfit further said that conditions of working class people remain unchanged till date as namesake Indian leaders continue to suppress them from time to time. India claims to be largest democracy of the world but many working class people in nooks and corner of the country continue to commit suicide due to its capitalist policy. The rising prices of essential commodities, increasing unemployment and corrupt practices and increasing gap between rich and poor people of the country are all consequences of India’s anti-poor and capitalist policy, the outfit said adding that lakhs of people rendered homeless when one citizen of India becomes billionaire.
At a time when value of money could not be fixed, the government of India increased salary of its employees with the implementation of Seventh Pay Commission but never formulated a special policy to improve conditions of the working class people and wages of these people remain poorly paid. Instead of developing new cottage industry to give employment to working class people, the namesake government in Manipur continue to recruit security personnel only to protect leaders and wealthy sections of the society who siphoned people’s money.
While asserting that time has come for all the working class people of Manipur to collectively fight India’s neo-liberal economic policy which secretly increases torture/suppression of people, the outfit called upon people to take steps to abolish India’s market economy and develop indigenous economy at the same time. The conglomerate group also called upon all the indigenous communities settling in Manipur to develop a united strength to fight India’s suppressive regime to restore sovereignty of Manipur by joining revolutionary movement.

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