Auto driver returns 5 bags of rice

KANGPOKPI, 27th Apr: A poor but honest Auto driver from Kangpokpi DHQs returned back five bags of rice which he found along Imphal-Tamenglong road to the authority concerned at FCS Godown in Kangpokpi DHQs.
23-year old Ch James Singh, s/o (L) Ch Cheitei Singh and Ch Tilo Devi, on April 24 found the bags of rice at different locations along Imphal-Tamenglong road in between Kangpokpi DHQs and Toribari.
The rice bags fell down the vehicle which carried the rice from FCS Godown, Kangpokpi for distribution at Lamchok and Tahar Basti under PMGKAY and OMSS.
James was all wet collecting the rice from the road and loaded the items in his Auto, who in his common sense understood that the rice bags were meant for distribution among the people at some places in Twilang area. He also called whoever he knew from the area and inquired if any rice bags had fallen from a vehicle.
Then, he brought the bags of rice to the town and sent a message along with his contact no. to contact the vehicles commuting along the road leading to Twilang area.
Later, in the evening he informed the local youth organisation, KYU which went to collect the same from his residence at Ward No.2 Kangpokpi and handed over the same to the officials at FCS Godown the next day. James Singh drives an Auto by paying a rental charge of Rs 300 per day and earns around Rs 300 to 400 in a day after deducting the rental charge during normal day. Now, owing to lockdown, he could not earn enough money and had to face immense hardships in looking after his family.
James said that he is not a person who will compromise his honesty despite being poor.
"I may not eat and live hungry but my mother and grandmother taught me since my childhood to be honest in my service which I will not compromise with anything else", the Auto driver said.
James’s mother Tilo Devi said that she is really proud to have such an honest son.
Meanwhile, local senior journalist Kaybie Chongloi drew attention of the District Administration and the local minister to acknowledge the inspiring honesty of the Auto driver which Social Welfare and Cooperation minister Nemcha Kipgen responded with assurance of helping the poor honest Auto driver befitting sooner than later.
The District Administration, OC Kangpokpi and others also responded with appreciation.

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