Cases of break-ins at Ava Market rise amid lockdown

UKHRUL, 27th Apr: With the entire Ukhrul Township observing the ongoing nationwide lockdown over Covid-19 for over a month now, the only women's commercial facility 'Ava Market' in the heart of the town has become a target for thieves who take their chances of the deserted market place.
Sources disclosed to The People's Chronicle on Monday that there has been a surge in burglaries and thefts at the market site, despite stationing of two caretakers/chawkidars inside the complex.
In the latest instance, a locker belonging to one of the vendors was found opened and various goods/merchandise items stocked inside the storage were stolen over the last weekend. However, the Chawkidars/Caretakers stationed at the building had denied their accountability and claimed no knowledge about such occurrences.
Among the stolen goods included a 50 kg bag of regular rice, 15 kg of sticky rice, 20 packets of dried mushroom, 3 honey bottles, 20 kg of bean and other vegetable items, sources disclosed, adding that there were many cases of thefts yet to be discovered.
"Since most of the vendors are staying at home, and some have gone to their native villages, details and worth of goods stolen cannot be ascertained as yet," sources said.
Meanwhile, women vendors of the market have urged the authorities concerned to look into the frequent cases of break-ins and thefts at the commercial site at the earliest.
The lone women's market facility is said to be operated by the Ava Market Management Committee (AMMC) constituted under the Small Town Committee (STC), ADC, Ukhrul. The committee provided two chawkidars/caretakers namely, Felix Kasar and Lummi Ngalung for maintenance and protection of the property soon after its opening in 2019.

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