Ukhrul holds online ‘Fasting Sunday for Covid-19’ event

UKHRUL, 26th Apr: As different Churches in Ukhrul district have turned to technology to keep the faith in this time of lockdown over Covid-19 pandemic, worshippers are slowly becoming acclimated to the new places of worship.
In the present scenario, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms have become a virtual Church for the believers.
On Sunday morning, an online worship programme called 'Fasting Sunday for COVID-19' was shared in video and audio forms on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms, urging all believers from Tangkhul community across the district and beyond to join the worship service online and fast for the day.
"The current Coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the whole universe at the moment, is a disease that humans have no control over. It's only the Almighty God who can control over it," said Rev. Remember Rimai, pastor of Union Baptist Church (UBC), a major Church in Ukhrul town, in his sermonic message delivered online which was made available on different social platforms at 7 am which is the usual worship service time on Sundays.
Allaying unfounded fears due to the pandemic, Rev. Rimai said that there was nothing to be worried about if one has the preparedness of spiritual and physical security in the Lord.
"The current pandemic is not the first deadly disease to have inflected immeasurable pain and grief to human beings and will not be the last either; there had been many in the past and many will come in future. But all these inflictions are in God's plan," he observed.
Citing Bible scriptures about how God saved Israelis when a plague inflicted Egypt, Rev Rimai urged the believers to keep three things in mind during this troubled period of pandemic. "First and foremost, never forget that this pandemic period is a time for everyone to turn to the Creator. Second, get hold of your calling what God had planned for you and third, love your fellow beings irrespective of who they are, what they are and where they are from," the pastor said.He continued that one who is in the Lord will not be starved and will love their neighbours and fellow beings no matter how the situations might be. "This should be a time for us all to become a better person," he said.
As part of the worship, Rev. Rimai also invoked blessings for all the frontline workers who are battling the deadly virus by risking their lives day in and day out, and others who are rendering humanity services in this critical time.

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