PREPAK to observe ‘Indian Colonialism Resist Day’ today

IMPHAL, 25th Apr: The proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) is all set to observe ‘7th Indian Colonialism Resist Day’ on Sunday in remembrance of the series of alleged atrocities committed by Indian security forces against civilians in Manipur and the infamous Patsoi firing incident of April 26, 1980.
Extending revolutionary greetings to the people on the occasion, a PREPAK statement issued by its secretary in-charge of publicity and propaganda Leibaak Ngaakpa Luwang also shared suffering of those affected by COVID-19 pandemic and to their families as well.
According to the PREPAK statement, Indian security forces have killed many innocent civilians including women and children of Manipur and they have also tortured and involuntarily disappeared many people. Apart from this, Indian security forces have raped many women under the shadow of numerous black laws imposed in Manipur, alleged the banned organisation.
For a long time, people of Manipur have been suffering due to India’s subjugation policy based on military repression and torture. Imposition of numerous black laws contradictory to international norms and continued military operation to nab revolutionaries fighting to restore sovereignty of Manipur and subsequent torture of innocent civilians have left people of the land in a state of uncertainty about their lives and awaiting time for their last breath, the outfit said.
Further, the outfit alleged that Indian Occupational Force (IOF) continues to commit genocide, war crime, crime against humanity and crimes of aggression in Manipur though International Criminal Court (ICC) puts complete ban on all these forms of extrajudicial activities. Apart from trying to suppress revolutionary movement of the people to restore lost sovereign status of Manipur as per norms of the United Nations, India has been misleading global community by terming the conflict situation in Manipur as a mere law & order and internal problem of the country. The namesake Manipur government remains silent on illegal actions of India simply to please their masters and never think about future of people of the land. Colonial rulers and namesake government orchestrating such crimes and security forces directly involved in these crimes would stand at the dock of ICC or United Nations Security Council one day, the PREPAK statement said and stressed the need for taking steps in this regard at the international level.
While reiterating that it would be impossible for people of India and the WESEA region to live and survive together, the PREPAK statement said there had been marked difference between people inhabiting in India and Manipur (Kangleipak) since the early period.
The Aryans/Dravidians inhabiting in India and Mongoloid group of people settling in Manipur could never be live together as both have lived separately since time immemorial, the outfit maintained and cited racial discrimination against WESEA people in mainland India during COVID-19 pandemic as a vivid example.
While calling upon people to stand united and raise voice against atrocities committed by Indian forces against civilians in Manipur, the outfit also urged people to jointly shout the slogan ‘IOF Sing Lamdamsidagi Hankhro’ so that atrocities of IOF never repeats.
The outfit also appealed people to lend support to revolutionary movement to restore the lost sovereignty of Manipur and to end racial discrimination of India.

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