Maintain physical distance, stay at home: Dr Biswajit

IMPHAL, 25th Apr: Highlighting the need for concerted efforts in preventing spread of COVID-19; Sandwell General Hospital, UK emergency medicine consultant Dr Elangbam Biswajit has urged all to stay at home as much as possible since it is quite possible the present situation could worsen.
Speaking to The People’s Chronicle through telephone, Dr Biswajit, who hails from Chingmeirong Maning Leikai, stressed that concerted efforts are needed to curb the spread of COVID-19, adding that the lockdown has been a good step in this regard. He then urged all concerned not to go out of their houses unless absolutely necessary, while further urging for maintaining a physical distance of at least two metres in public places.
Stating that the present trajectory of COVID-19 cases could worsen if we are not careful, he said that younger people could remain asymptomatic, as their immune systems are strong. However, the risks are huge for elderly and those with weak immune systems even if they stay indoors as they could easily catch the infection from those who have been out in public.
Dr Biswajit advised for frequently washing of hands with alcohol gel or soaps. If someone had accidently coughed in one’s face, he/she should wash his or her face. In addition, one should cough into a handkerchief or sneeze into his/her elbow. Furthermore, one must wear masks at all times and refrain from spitting in public spaces.
“If possible, don’t even share towels”, he asserted.
Dr Biswajit then lauded the doctors and nurses of the state who helped in the recovery of the two persons, who were earlier infected with COVID-19.
“The zero detection of any new COVID-19 cases in Manipur is due to the hard work of the doctors and nurses of the state”, he contended.

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