Kamjong incident peeves NSCN

DIMAPUR, 25th Apr: While expressing resentment over the incident in Kamjong district of Manipur, NSCN-IM said that "under such unwarranted situation we do not see any political wisdom in this kind of avoidable confrontation as no party stands to harvest any military or political benefit".
In a press release issued to media houses here in Dimapur Saturday evening, NSCN-IM said that it is baffled "at the inconsistency" on the part of the Government of India in "managing" the Indo-Naga political peace process.
"We are compelled to take assessment of the Government of India of their seriousness in finalising the political negotiation when the government machineries are behaving in total contravention of the spirit of peace talks," the press note added.
The press release of the NSCN-IM alleged that, while the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, and lockdown enforced in almost all parts of the world, the "Indian Army (Assam Rifles) and Manipur police are recklessly going belligerent to throttle the NSCN in Manipur on the pretext that there is no Indo-Naga ceasefire in Naga areas of Manipur state". The press note further alleged that the security forces have also taken the antiquated stand that there is no NSCN-IM designated camp in Ukhrul district. "What is, however, alarming is the reason behind the bellicose stand taken by the Manipur government," it also said.
The press note of the NSCN-IM also said that there is every indication that ‘carte blanche’ order has been given by the Home Ministry, Government of India in dealing with the NSCN-IM under the "so-called Unified Command of Manipur of state police and security forces". It added, "This Unified Command was allegedly formed recently with the direction of the Home Ministry, Government of India to crush the aspirations of self-determination movement of the people in Jammu & Kashmir and Manipur by the state and Para-military forces". According to the NSCN-IM, what is blatantly seen in Kashung-Bungdung under Kasom Khullen Block, Ukhrul district is the ill-timing of the "unwarranted provocation against the Tangkhul Naga people when every single person is engaged in maintaining social distancing protocol in the midst of lockdown as laid down by the World Health Organisation (WHO)". It further said that NSCN-IM deplored such "thoughtless and deliberate violation" of the infectious Covid-19 protocol. It added that this "inglorious act" of the Manipur state government against the Nagas will go down into history as an act against humanity.
The NSCN-IM press release said that thus the "intrusion of Indian Army and Manipur state police forces" into the Kashung-Bungdung areas that are strictly abiding the Covid-19 protocol has put the villagers at great risk of exposing them to the possibility of asymptomatic coronavirus carriers. "Such a blatant violation of Covid-19 protocols when the whole world is gripping with the spread of coronavirus pandemic is nothing but highly irresponsible and condemnable by all who share the fear of what is happening to the world today," the press release asserted.
With regards to NSCN-IM designated camp in Ukhrul, the NSCN-IM press statement claimed that the then chairman of Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG) Lt Gen RV Kulkarni (Retd) in his letter (dated 06.02.2007) to Ministry of Home Affairs joint secretary (NE) Naveen Verma approved Khangkhui-Shirui forest area as NSCN-IM designated camp. The NSCN-IM press release also said that the present Phungtha Brigade Camp is the alternative arrangement after Naga Army vacated Khangkhui-Shirui forest area.
"The stand of the Unified Command is that there is no ceasefire with the NSCN in Naga areas of Manipur state," it added.
In the context of this background, the NSCN-IM said that the Centre should rein Manipur government from going against what has been officially sanctioned. The NSCN-IM press release also said that the 24 Assam Rifles personnel who are in the thick of the storm in the present standoff with the women folks of the area should also learn to draw the line and not go overboard to bring about acrimonious situation.
According to the NSCN-IM press release earlier, the Assam Rifles attempted to attack NSCN-IM camp at Kangoi under Kasom Khullen block, Ukhrul district but women organisations of the area foiled their plan. The press release added that the NSCN-IM cadres, however, shifted their camp to avoid aggravating the situation. "Both the parties will be dancing to the tune of those elements who are hell-bent in jeopardising the hard earned Indo-Naga political negotiation to nothingness", the NSCN-IM press statement said, while adding, sincerity should be demonstrated in realistic manner "as nothing matters more than to diminish trust deficit in this crucial juncture".

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