KYKL dissects political ambition of ‘king’, Covid-19

IMPHAL, 24th Apr: The proscribed Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) has extended revolutionary greetings to the entire people of Manipur and WESEA region on occasion of outfit’s 26th birth anniversary which falls on April 25.
The outfit also extended revolutionary greetings to all the revolutionary groups operating in the WESEA region as well as CSOs, intellectuals, media and well-wishers. The outfit also extended its sincere gratitude to medical professionals who are leading the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.
On the occasion, KYKL chairman N Oken also shared outfit’s thought on revolutionary struggle vis-à-vis people of Manipur (Kangleipak) for discussion and deliberation among public.
After deep discussion on two key issues presently confronting people of Manipur, Oken shared inner idea behind the issues, the first being candidature of the titular king of Manipur for Upper House of Indian Parliament and the second being COVID-19 pandemic reaching Manipur.
While stressing the need for thorough discussion on acts of our leaders and indications from public on the two issues contradicting aged old tradition as well as remarks made on the issues and underlying meanings, Oken said that how far the community (Kangleipak) has degraded could be assessed clearly. He also stressed the need for people to discuss what step they should take for survival and a firm decision.
Even the chief minister of Manipur pays respect and kneels down to the titular king considering him as ‘Lainingthou’ but his intention to become a Member of Parliament indeed was quite contradictory to the people. This shows disrespect to the royal position and contradictory decisions taken by certain sections of people on position of the titular after becoming MP were akin to ringing warning bell for total destruction of the community (Kangleipak), Oken observed.
Sir James Johnstone’s quote “…certainly the Manipuris have stable and industrious qualities…” literally describes calm nature of forefathers of the land even at the time of peril and a stable community which never over-joyous in celebrating victory but COVID-19 pandemic brings out all the negative features of the community clearly like thoughtlessness, unnecessary fear, panic and insane actions. The act of barricading lanes and paths soon after news of a person contracting COVID-19 spread indeed was not a good sign for a stable community. Johnstone also wrote about Cholera pandemic he witnessed in 1880 which too had no vaccine like the present COVID-19 pandemic and killed scores of people. During the time, the royal palace of Kangleipak had no Durbar as members did not turn up. When investigated, Johnstone found out that most of the Durbar members were engaged in cremation of their relatives and friends killed by the pandemic. He also wrote “…there were no cases of sick being deserted and everyone appeared calm and collected” about the Cholera pandemic and highly praised the community (Kangleipak) for calmness maintained by the people during such situation. But, where has that highly praised good features of the community gone now, Oken asked and maintained that opposition raised against opening of quarantine centre as were witnessed very recently without any knowledge of how the virus spread was contradictory to positive features of the community developed by forefathers of the land. It was a clear example of the community (Kangleipak) abstaining from the bounden responsibility and dilution of traditional culture and identity.
While asserting that traditional culture and identity are products of history of the land, the KYKL chairman said the future of history of the land will be in dark and similar to standing near own graveyard if the community fails to revive the strength of traditional culture and identity.
While stating that finding the root cause of dying culture and identity will be the first and foremost step for a community to bring to the path of survival, Oken maintained that the biggest reason for degradation of community (Kangleipak) was destruction of indigenous economy and hundred percent dependence on others.
Oken also asserted that economy lays foundation for traditional culture, identity and history of a community and substantiated this point with Amilcar Cabral’s quote ‘’Like history, or because it is history, culture has as its material base the levels of the productive forces and the mode of production’’. Incidents happening at present exemplified absolute poorness of Kangleipak and its cent percent dependence on India, he said adding that people of the land do not take COVID-19 seriously as also social distancing, lockdown and curfew. However, people of the land are more concerned on how to get mere 5-10kg rice and conflict among ministers and MLAs on the battle to get some rice at free of cost comes out in public domain. People of the land have now forgotten personal dignity merely for getting some benefit and this indeed is result of wrong policy/programme for 70 years. Kangleipak used to export rice around 90 years back but local rice production is now unable to feed even for half-a-year and certain sections of people too have emerged now with the remark that ‘there was no one to help the titular king at the time of distress’ when titular king’s decision to become MP was opposed. This means that there is nothing wrong in titular king’s personal decision to become MP and his personal effort to sneak out of poverty. A community having weak economy and rely entirely on others is bound to think that the hereditary royal position can be compromised with money. This can also sum up that the main reason behind local leaders’ desire to assimilate into Mayang (mainland Indian) is lack of foundation of indigenous economy and reliance on Mayang people, Oken said. The KYKL leader also said that laying a solid foundation for indigenous economy is one of the most important tasks for people of land has to performed as only a sound economy would protect culture and identity and community will live with dignity and respected by others.

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