India’s COVID-19 case count rises to 21,700

NEWDELHI, 23rd Apr: India now has 21,700 confirmed cases of COVID-19. According to the health ministry, the number of active confirmed cases in the country stands at 16,689 as of Thursday evening. The ministry also reported that there have been 686 deaths due to the viral infection, while 4,325 people have been cured/discharged or have migrated.
A total of 29 deaths were reported since Wednesday evening, of which 18 fatalities were reported from Maharashtra, eight from Gujarat, two from Rajasthan and one from Delhi, the ministry said.
Of the 681 deaths, Maharashtra tops the tally with 269 fatalities, followed by Gujarat at 103, Madhya Pradesh at 80, Delhi at 48, Rajasthan at 27, Andhra Pradesh at 24 and Telangana at 23.
The death toll reached 21 in Uttar Pradesh, 18 in Tamil Nadu and 17 in Karnataka. Punjab has registered 16 deaths, while West Bengal has reported 15 fatalities due to COVID-19 so far. The disease has claimed five lives in Jammu and Kashmir. Kerala, Jharkhand and Haryana have recorded three deaths each.
Independent trackers are reporting a higher number of confirmed cases than the health ministry. According to Worldometer, India has 21,797 confirmed cases and that 681 people have died because of COVID-19.
Across the world, there have now been 2,629,801 confirmed cases around the world as of Wednesday. The confirmed cases touched the one million mark on April 2, doubling by April 14.
According to the Johns Hopkins University, the global death toll due to COVID-19 stands at 183,454.
In many countries, official data includes only deaths reported in hospitals, not those in homes or nursing homes.
The US has recorded the most confirmed cases of COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus, with 842,629 detected infections. Spain is in second place with 208,289 cases, followed by Italy (187,327).
The US has also reported the most deaths (46,784), followed by Italy (25,085), Spain (21,717) and France (21,340). The death toll has also been high in the UK (18,100), Belgium (6,262), Iran (5,391), Germany (5,315) and China (4,636).

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