‘Plan size contradicts development ambitions’


IMPHAL, 21st MARCH: Presentation of the tentative budget, with a minus-cule increase of about Rs 1887 crore from the revised budget amount, in the first session of the 11th Manipur Legisla-tive Assembly on Tuesday contradicts ambition of the N Biren government to put the state on the path of all-round development, said associate professor (economics) of Manipur University, Dr Chinglen Maisnam. Sharing his views after tentative bud-get of Rs 4,349.55 crore (revised to Rs 5255.27 cr) was tabled in the house, the economist expressed scepticism about the new government achieving its objective to accelerate development of Manipur.

            Noting that the tentative budget is similar to the strategy adopted by the previous government, he opined that such contractionary fiscal mechanism will have no bearing on the overall ambition of the BJP-led government. Describing that plan size as bereft of vision for fiscal growth, directionless and disheartening when compared to the government’s goal, Dr Chinglen also pointed out that the plan outlay for 2017-18 fiscal has marginal increment of Rs 967 crore from the 2016-17 budget figure tabled by the then Congress government.

            Moreover, the tentative budget clearly reflected that allocation for most of the departments have been slashed which in the long run will consequently have negative impact in the implementation of development programmes, he maintained. Dr Chinglen pointed out that the worst-affected departments would be PWD, medical/health & family welfare, MAHUD, tribal affairs, hills & social development, CAF&PD, community and rural development, PHE, minor irrigation, IFCD, art & culture, social welfare and tourism.

          The plan size does not reflect the BJP’s vision to spur Manipur’s development, he added.

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