RPF thanks frontline COVID-19 fighters

IMPHAL, 20th Apr: Apart from expressing elation over recovery of the two COVID-19 patients in the state, the proscribed Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has extended its sincere appreciation to doctors, nurses, lab technicians, attendants and other health workers of both JNIMS and RIMS hospitals for their invaluable service throughout day and night. Many doctors, nurses and medical personnel who were in the forefront of the ongoing fight against COVID-19 pandemic have lost their lives. Amidst this situation, frontline COVID-19 fighters rendered their selfless service to save humanity in Manipur too while leaving their family as well as near and dear ones, an RPF statement said and thanked all those working in medical sector for their selfless service and dedication.
Attributing the successful treatment of the two COVID-19 patients to hard work and dedication of medical professionals, a statement of RPF issued by its publicity secretary Roben Khuman said that the dedication of medical professionals will ever remain etched in golden letters in the history of Manipur. The RPF believes that medical professionals of Manipur would continue to render such humanitarian service with dedication in future too, the statement said.
People of Manipur are now able to breathe with ease after the two positive cases detected in the state have become negative. But COVID-19 pandemic should not be taken lightly even if the land is free from the virus, the RPF cautioned and stressed the need for remaining alert and trace carrier of the virus with mass testing.
Sharing outfit’s view on impact of lockdown against COVID-19 pandemic to the people, the RPF statement said India had no other option than imposing the lockdown to slow spread of the virus. However, the present problem being faced by the vast nation including the food scarcity could had been prevented had precautionary measures were taken in time. The sudden imposition of lockdown without any planning has created problem of scarcity of daily essential items and people are now unable to purchase their essentials despite having money except medicines. Prices of few available essential items too have been hiked exorbitantly and this was the main reason behind flooding of markets and defying of physical distancing norms across Manipur very recently, the outfit said and accused state administration of protecting wealthy businessmen who are in complete control of essential items and hiking prices at this difficult period.
The state administration claims of providing essential items to the people during the lockdown but they would not be able to provide answer to questions on items distributed so far and number of people benefitted or those yet to avail the items and if the items distributed were sufficient. Amidst the present difficult situation, truck drivers brought in essential items with souls in their hands but people are unable to get the items as politicians and powerful people hijacked or purchased the items in bulk at exhorbitant prices before reaching the markets/agents to use the items to woo voters for the next election. With no items left for markets, people are unable to get daily essential items brought by truck drivers though distribution of such items by politicians is being witnessed in every locality/village at present. Apart from this, suffering of the people increased as political parties intervened in distribution of food items and this forced people to fight for their stomach rather than fighting COVID-19 pandemic, the RPF statement said and asked as to how long people with empty stomach will maintain norms of lockdown, social distancing and quarantine.
After 21 days initially, the lockdown has been extended till May 3. However, the ongoing lockdown would never completely contain the virus though it may slow spread of the pandemic, the outfit said adding that World Health Organisation is in favour of this word and many developed countries like South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan are fighting the pandemic without imposing lockdown.
While terming the ongoing lockdown as unbearable pain for the people of poor and landlocked land like Manipur, the RPF stressed the need for mass testing and identifying carrier of the virus in a planned manner and if not, the purpose of imposing lockdown would not serve, and it would only increase hardship of the people. While reiterating its appeal upon entire people of Manipur to maintain physical distancing, the proscribed outfit urged people of both hills and valley to help each other at this hour of crisis and foster harmony existed between the two since time immemorial.

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