Mao quarantine facility facing staff shortage

SENAPATI, 20th Apr: Quarantine facility as well as PHCs in Senapati district are facing shortage of manpower thereby hampering routine work of providing healthcare services to the public.
According to Dr Gairallu Kamei, MO in-charge of the COVID-19 screening point located at Mao, the medical team at Mao is facing lack of manpower including doctors, nurses and sweepers at the quarantine facility set up at JNV, Mao. The doctors at the screening point are working in four shifts a day whereas duty at the quarantine facility is 24x7 since March 3. Due to lack of doctors, the in-charge of the quarantine facility at JNV Mao also works at the screening point despite the demand for separate medical team for the two facilities, she said. Nodal officer of the quarantine facility Dr Athihe Vincent informed that 43 persons are placed under quarantine at the facility at present. Number of people entering the state from other parts is increasing and he as the lone staff finds it difficult to manage the entire operations all by himself, Dr Athihe said.
Due to cold weather at Mao, people in the quarantine facility, who are not accustomed to the chilly condition, often get sick and lack of required manpower is affecting their services, he said.
He then sought attention of the government in this regard so as to despatch more doctors, nurses and grade IV staff at the facility as soon as possible. He also urged the government to provide more blankets and breakfast materials in order to keep those in quarantine in healthy and fit condition.
Staffers of PHC Tadubi informed that the centre is facing acute shortage of staff at present which affects in rendering service to the public. Three grade IV employees got retired this year and the PHC is running without any chowkidar, sweeper, ambulance above the existing problem of lack of doctors and nurses. Without any ambulance vehicle, no private vehicles are willing to transport any ailing person during the nationwide lockdown and the situation needs immediate attention from the government, the staffers added.
The situation is somewhat similar in almost all health centres in the district.
Meanwhile, Mao police station OC inspector Jonah Raphuba Chawang said that vehicles entering the state are halted at the entry point for screening of the operators and occupants. Medical staff and Mao police are on duty 24x7 and all incoming commuters are subjected to mandatory screening. People seeking exit from within the state are either asked to go for quarantine or go back, the OC said.
Mao police also open all the commodities being ferried in trucks to check transportation of non-essential commodities as well as infiltration, he said and recalled how Mao police foiled a bid to bring in some non-locals into the state by some truck drivers.

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