Metal railings along Kanglapat go missing, authorities unaware

IMPHAL, 19th Apr: Several portions of the metal railings installed around Kanglapat have gone missing in the past few days. However, authorities have no idea about the whereabouts of the railings till date.
It is suspected that the said railings may have been stolen during the lockdown period, taking advantage of absence of people in the area.
Mention may be made here that metal railings were installed on both sides of the footpath along Kanglapat (moat) road, which is part of the National Highway. The side adjacent to Kanglapat is installed with black iron balusters while steel railings are installed on the side adjacent to the road, which not only helped in beautifying Kanglapat but also provided protection to the pedestrians.
However, the railings were found missing in six different spots from Khoyathong PWD to GM hall while three portions were found missing in three more spots near Raj Bhavan area. It is questionable how 5-ft long iron railings could have gone missing without anyone noticing.
The task for installing the railings was carried out by the PW department. A PWD official conveyed that the department had not removed the railings and that he has no idea which other department had removed the railings.
An official of Kangla Board also said that they do not know who had removed the railings and for what reason, as they are not involved in the installation work of the railings.
An IMC official also gave a similar response, stating that they were not involved in the installation work of the railings or its removal.
As such, the big question is if the authorities concerned did not remove the railings, then who has the authority to remove the same. It is unthinkable for the authorities to have no knowledge over the same. Nonetheless, if the authorities concerned are truly not aware of the whereabouts, one is left wondering if the railings have indeed been stolen by some person(s). 

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