No takers for social distancing in Ccpur

CCPUR, 18th Apr: Despite strong instruction given by the government for maintaining social distancing to contain COVID-19 pandemic, people in Churachandpur district poorly maintain social distancing particularly at ATM booths.
People were seen standing closely, giving scant attention to the lockdown norms given by authorities, thus prompting police to inform public to comply with the norms strictly. People in this southern part of the state do not wear face mask and many were seen venturing out of their homes without wearing mask while many people ride two/four wheeler vehicles on the streets of the town without protective cover.
Talking to this correspondent, a local informed that there is no distribution of protective gear though orders in this regard were issued and if one wants to buy the same there is no stock in shops. Meanwhile, in a fresh attempt to enforce lockdown norms and ensure social distancing among the public, the district police carried out a publicity drive asking people to wear face mask and maintain social distancing. Police also informed public that spitting in public places is now punishable as also chewing/smoking of tobacco products. Police also informed public that only person is allowed to ride two-wheeler vehicle while four-wheeler vehicle should have one driver and one passenger in the rear seat only.

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