Nagaland Govt not prepared: NSCN-IM

DIMAPUR, 14th Apr: After a man from Dimapur was tested positive for Covid-19, NSCN-IM has issued a strongly worded press statement on Tuesday saying that the state government of Nagaland "is not fully prepared" even though the latter claimed to be so. NSCN-IM then asked the Neiphiu Rio-led government to stand up to its feet and start doing everything on war footing.
"It is shocking to learn that the Nagaland state has been found on wrong footing after the much hyped preparation to tackle the highly contagious COVID-19 tumbled," said the NSCN-IM press statement. It pointed out that the man from a locality in Dimapur who was tested positive is a point of case that has exposed the contradictory ground reality. "Nagaland state is not fully geared up as claimed by the state government," it asserted.
According to NSCN-IM, it is clear "beyond doubt" that Dimapur’s Covid-19 patient's case has not been handled in the manner as per the protocol demanded by the seriousness of the situation. "What is more shocking is the snail pace progress of the construction of the Covid-19 Hospital in Dimapur. NSCN-IM also said that short of funds should not be the reason "when the Government of India has generously provided hundreds of crores of rupees". But, according to the NSCN-IM statement, the most "damning issue" that has annoyed the people the most is the "callous" manner of not sending the man to the quarantine centre where he can be monitored 24 hours and thereby doing away the risk of infecting others if his case proved otherwise. NSCN-IM also said that this is a serious lapse that has put the lives of many at risk now. "No less damning is the irresponsible mentality of the man and his family members by not disclosing his travel history", it also said. This has jeopardised the fighting preparation of the whole Dimapur to contain the spread of the deadly virus. "For this very reason the man and his family members should not be allowed to go scot free. They have taken Covid-19 protocol for granted. This is a criminal breach of protocol," the NSCN-IM added.
"Let the fight against Covd-19 be a collective fight with collective wisdom," the NSCN-IM also said.

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