“Trying to control FMD, nothing to panic”

IMPHAL, 14th Apr: Necessary steps including mass vaccination of bovine animals had begun following the recent report of Food and Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak in Thingkhangphai village in Churachandpur district and the department is trying to control the epidemic.
Report of FMD outbreak in some other areas of the state has also come in but the department has taken up necessary steps to control the disease and hence there is nothing to worry, stated director (Veterinary and animal husbandry) Dr Chaoba during an interaction with some media persons Tuesday.
Dr Chaoba informed media persons that a team of veterinary doctors led by joint director (Churachandpur) rushed to Thingkhangphai village immediately after receiving report of unnatural death of three calves. The team collected samples and confirmed cause of the death to be FMD after laboratory test and immediately initiated vaccination to prevent spread of the disease, he added.
FMD is a seasonal disease common to bovine animal particularly during the beginning of winter and summer seasons. Mass outbreak of this epidemic was reported about five years back in the state but the disease is now concentrated only in few areas after mass vaccination. Adult cattle rarely succumb to the disease though weaken their health and reduce milk yield but mortality rate is high among calves. Nevertheless, there is nothing to panic over the the outbreak as the department has initiated necessary steps, Dr Chaoba assured.
Following report of a study that FMD reduces milk yield to around 30 percent, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a nation-wide mass vaccination programme on September 30, 2019 with the target to eliminate the disease by 2030 in the country. As per this programme, the state also took up mass vaccination programme. However, there is possibility of any bovine animal contracting the virus even after vaccination before immunity of the vaccine comes, he said adding that immunity comes after 15 days of vaccination and farmers should acquire this knowledge. He also appealed farmers to take precaution as the virus is airborne. While informing that FMD outbreak is also reported from some areas in Thoubal and Kangpokpi districts, Dr Chaoba said district level officers and field staff have made inspection and conducted mass vaccination. He then appealed farmers to extend cooperation in containing the disease.
Regarding scarcity of cattle and poultry feeds in view of lockdown against COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Chaoba said some private firms have offered home delivery of feeds and interested farmers could contact the departmen

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