Don’t sell hand sanitizers at higher rate

IMPHAL, 12th Apr: J&S Venture Private Limited has informed that some selfish people are selling the hand sanitizers produced by them and Th Iboyaima & Sons at much higher rate by pasting new price tag. In a release, director of J&S Venture Private Limited Th Jotin pointed out that they have been producing and selling the hand sanitizers with the approval of state government at low prices to aid the people in the fight against the pandemic COVID-19. Urging to stop selling their sanitizers by pasting new price tag, he appealed against repeating such act in this troubling time and also not to charge more than Rs 120 for a 200ml bottle of the hand sanitizers. He assured they will made the hand sanitizers available at much lower rates for clubs, organisations, government departments, media, essential service groups, hospital and institutions.

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