PREPAK calls for fighting Covid-19 pandemic collectively

IMPHAL, 11th Apr: Deeply concerned over the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown imposed to prevent spread of the deadly virus in Manipur, the proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) has called upon the people particularly the youth to cultivate work culture so that every family of the land is self-sufficient in food and does not rely on others for food.
Striving to grown abundant food crops will ultimately make Manipuri society self-sufficient in food and end the habit of relying on others, the proscribed outfit said in a statement issued in connection with COVID-19 pandemic and its adverse impact on people of the land particularly after imposition of lockdown to prevent spread of the disease.
According to the outfit, the war fought among humans for different reasons could end one day but the war for stomach would not end as long as human beings exist on the Earth.
While maintaining that entire people of Manipur will suffer as long as COVID-19 pandemic remains at the door of the land, the PREPAK statement lamented that people of the land rely on outside even for a single match-stick owing to lack of work culture and this is despite the land having numerous experts in science and social science. It is natural to use products brought from outside when there is no indigenous production and mind of the people will remain float on outside, the outfit said, adding that this would ultimately discard indigenous culture and assume alien culture to be more advanced and favourable to them.
The PREPAK statement issued by secretary-in-charge of publicity and propaganda LeibaakNgakpa Luwang further said that Manipur was self-sufficient and did not relied on others for food before coming under Indian administration. The Nupi Laan of 1939 fought by women of the land was against export of local rice but today rice production of the land is insufficient for local consumption and not to thought of export as work culture particularly among youth is vanishing day by day. This has increased dependence on others and outsiders have firmly grabbed stomach of the local people as is being witnessed in the present crisis brought by COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from this, Indian army is trying to subdue indigenous people of Manipur through various means including drugs and this will ultimately force people of the land to remain on dependence syndrome by crushing the spirit of work culture and patriotism, the outfit maintained.
While informing people that 11.8 million people of Wuhan city in China did not faced any problem for food during the 76 days of lockdown, the outfit said the main reason behind this has been that every citizens of China believe in work culture and do not have dependency syndrome at all. People of China produce their own products and enhance economy of the nation, as a result of which, China now produces 70 percent surplus production and there is no problem for the country in facing any epidemic, the PREPAK statement said adding that Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) and Great Leap Forward (1958-1960) were main catalysts for developing work culture in China. China’s economy also progressed as work culture and cultural revolution moved together in tandem and this was facilitated with ‘Reform and Opening Up’ and ‘Open Door Policy’ initiated by then President Deng Xioping after the end of cultural revolution in 1977.
While admitting that entire people of Manipur are now in the midst of a difficult situation and suffered a lot due to the lockdown imposed to prevent spread of COVID-19, the proscribed out called upon people to collectively fight the disease and defeat the pandemic.
The outfit also extended its sincere gratitude to doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and all those working in medical sectors for fighting the pandemic forefront with dedication as also to CSOs, local clubs and organisations, youth force and media for providing up-to-date information to people about the pandemic.

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