Union appeals against spreading fake news

IMPHAL, 10th Apr: Clarifying that the viral video purportedly showing a truck bringing in around 15 non-locals hiding them among egg cartons is baseless and falsely propagated, All Manipur Road Transport Drivers and Motor Workers Union (AMRTDMWU) has appealed to all to refrain from spreading unverified information and discriminating drivers without knowing the facts.
According to the union’s general secretary M Anil, the drivers are doing their duties day and night amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Spreading fake claims and publishing unverified reports in local media implicating the drivers is very unfortunate, he said, while urging all to refrain from such acts.
The non-local labourers seen in the viral video were not brought in from outside the state but they are from Telipati area and were hired for unloading the egg cartons by the consignee. Drivers and handymen arrested by Lamsang police were of two DI trucks but not of the trucks transporting the egg cartons. They were not related with the viral video, he said.
He then drew attention of the chief minister while urging the authority to provide packed meals to the drivers at ISBT and also provide safe drinking water instead of just keeping a plastic water tank there.

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