UKL Churches observe Good Friday online amid lockdown

UKHRUL, 10th Apr: With the current COVID-19 lockdown prohibiting gathering of congregations, different Churches in Ukhrul town observed Good Friday by live streaming worship songs, prayers and sermons on multiple social media platforms.
In many interior villages, Churches observed the anniversary of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion by using PA System through which sermons were delivered by their respective pastors to mark the morning worship services.
Different musical renditions of Christ's crucifixion, that lamented the passion as well as glorified Him, were streamed online on the occasion.
In an online sermon, which was shared on YouTube and viewed by over six thousand people, Union Baptist Church (UBC) pastor Rev Remember Rimai spoke about the accounts of Jesus Christ's last days on the earth.
"The entire lifespan of mankind from birth to death has been covered by Jesus' journey from Gethsemane to Calvary where He was crucified. Because during this short journey, Jesus has paid for all sins of mankind", Rev Rimai said.
He said that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ should remind all Christians about love, sacrifice and commitment and exhorted the viewers to develop the virtues among the believers.
"Let's all make this special occasion a time to make amends and follow the footsteps of Jesus and what His life has taught the mankind", he said.
Another major Church, Ukhrul Town Baptist Church (UTBC) also observed the day in the same manner wherein its pastor Rev Somi Kasomwoshi delivered sermons via social media platforms. He said that Covid-19 pandemic has put human beings under lockdown across the world and is even affecting normal conduct of congregational worship services worldwide.
"We know this Coronavirus is really a dreaded disease. It has claimed thousands and thousands of precious lives and the whole world is still battling to contain it. However, there’s someone who is mightier than this pandemic. And that is the lamb's blood and there's power in it", he said.
"The whole world has not developed a cure for this pandemic. But we can find a cure for all malaises including Coronavirus in the blood", Rev Kasomwoshi said referring to Christ' crucifixion on the cross.
"And so, this Good Friday is gifted to us all to find a cure for diseases, pains and sufferings of mankind," he exhorted the viewers.
Many other Churches in the town also observed the day via social media platforms, which their respective members can access through the Internet.
Upcoming services of Easter Sunday, which mark the resurrection of Christ, are also expected to be conducted online across the district.

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