Covid-19 scared Lilong locals issue SOS to Govt

THOUBAL, 8th Apr: Committee on Distribution of Essential Goods, Turen Ahanbi Atoukhong GP has asked the government to pay special attention to Covid-19 scared Lilong Assembly Constituency, which is in dire of need of essential items.
Speaking to this daily, Committee president Sirajuddin Khan highlighted that the people of Lilong are facing severe hardship since the containment process was taken up following detection of a Covid-19 positive patient.
“Government should ensure special relief measure to ease the problem of Lilong denizens,” he said.
Sirajuddin further revealed that the Committee which was formed under the aegis of Lilong MLA Abdul Nasir along with social worker Merai Amu had distributed essential goods to people under Turen Ahanbi Atoukhong GP on April 5. But this has not been enough, so the MLA has assured of providing further aid in future.
With a middle aged male from Lilong Turel Ahanbi confirmed as the second positive case of Manipur on April 1, people of the area have been put under containment by the government restricting the people to move out of their houses.
Around 21 people who were co-passengers and family members of the second positive COVID-19 patient have been quarantined at Darul Uloom Madrassa, Lilong. According to Darul Uloom Madrassa assistant secretary Haji Mauheijuddin, the 21 quarantined people at the Madrassa were all tested negative for COVID-19 and all of them have completed their 21 days of quarantine. Even though the 21 quarantined people have completed the prescribed exercise, they continue to eagerly wait for an order from the government to release them from the centre, he added.
On the other hand, people living near the house of the second positive case of COVID- 19 are facing scarcity of edible items as people can’t go out and buy any edible items due to the restriction imposed by the District Administration of Thoubal leading to complete sealed of the area within 3 kilometres radius from the house of the patient.

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