“Only Meiteis, Nagas are indigenes”

IMPHAL, 8th Apr: The Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN/NSCN) stated that Meiteis and Nagas are the only two indigenous people settled since time immemorial in Manipur.
According to a GPRN/NSCN statement, the Nagas have been recorded to be living in their land since time immemorial but the Kukis came to settle in Manipur just recently and they came in different waves. All these historical facts have been recorded by various scholars and imminent writers, both Indian and foreigners and the Kukis living in the so called Chassad village have been recorded to be living only from the 1940s onwards. To put the record straight, the Kukis have been living in and around Chassad with the permission of the Sampui village headman against yearly payment of House Tax. The Kukis have been allowed to live in the area until such time when they started claiming land ownership or as land owners.
Significantly, a joint consultation meeting of the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) and the Eastern Kuki Chiefs Association (EKCA) was held on July 20, 2019 at TNL office at Ukhrul wherein it was jointly signed by the TNL and EKCA that Chassad Kukis are not indigenous people and have no ancestral land in Kamjong area.
The outfit also said that the recent incident of Chassad village being burned down on March 16, 2020 was a result of provocation and road block between Kamjong and Ukhrul, the burning down of a newly constructed petrol pump and one Shaktiman truck belonging to the Tangkhuls by the Kukis.
Ironically, ignoring all these facts and historical evidences, the Kukis in connivance with the Manipur government under Biren Singh are taking undue advantage of Tangkhuls’ humility and honesty. As such, the Nagas have taken strong exception to this effect.
Historical records said that in the British India period, the Kukis were used as ‘Buffers’ to counter the militant Nagas but such an antiquated manner to counter-weight the Nagas cannot be repeated now or ever.
The historical facts and other evidences that led to the flare up of the Chassad village issue and the prejudiced stand taken by the Manipur government has to be handled in the manner as called for, the GPRN/NSCN statement added.

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