Poultry farms facing lockdown heat

IMPHAL, 7th Apr: As the country is going through the 21-day nationwide lockdown, poultry farmers are facing the heat of the lockdown due to non-availability of chicken feeds, medicines and closure of retail outlets.
The poultry farms in the state depend on feeds imported from different states including Assam. However, the lockdown has cut off the supply chain of feeds and several farmers are forced to sell chickens at a much cheaper rate than usual. Even though they sell at cheaper rates, closure of retail outlets has also been a major issue.
Mention may be made here that joint secretary of the disaster management division, ministry of home affairs on March 26 wrote letter to the chief secretaries of states and UTs with the instruction to allow free passage to the movement of animal feeds and fodders while identifying them as essential commodities. Considering the situation, some farmers whom The People’s Chronicle contacted suggested that the government make special arrangements to bring in feeds and take up steps to make available chicken to the public.

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