Humanity prevails in Manipur village amid lockdown woes

IMPHAL, 6th Apr: What can be more heart-warming, encouraging and humane than to see villagers extending help to their neighbours in these trying times?
Due to lockdown for containing Covid-19, there is not a single society around the world that is not affected in terms of livelihood of the people. Availability of essential commodities, especially food, has become a big issue in today’s world.
In such a scenario, one highly laudable service has been displayed by villagers of Konsaram, also known as Konsakhul, a Liangmai village located some 6 km north-west of Leimakhong under Kangpokpi district of Manipur.
Under the initiative of Dr Alyson Abonmai, villagers of Konsaram collected different kinds of vegetables and ‘gifted’ to villagers of various Meitei and Kuki villages on Monday. The ‘vegetable delivery’ of Konsaram villagers carries a strong, loud and cogent message in the fight against Covid-19.
The vegetables were handed over by Konsaram chairman Aimson Aonmai to Champhei, a Vaiphei village; Mission Veng, also a Vaiphei village and Meitei localities of Leimakhong Chingmang, Kanto Sabal, Loitang Khunou, Moibung Khunou, Senjam and Chirang. There was one more Meitei locality which the Konsaram villagers gifted vegetables on Monday but the name was not available with this news agency.
“In the fight against Covid-19, it is prudent for humankind to rise above colours, creeds, race and religions. It has become an existential issue and so mankind must exhibit themselves as one family by extending co-operation and rendering help with each other,” said Dr Alyson Abonmai when Newmai News Network contacted him on Monday evening after the news agency came to know about it.
Dr Alyson actually refused to publicise it in the media. However, Newmai News Network insisted him that the gesture of Konsaram needs to be highlighted in public domain to give encouragement to others that humanity also very much prevails in our society. It is perhaps a touching gesture of the Liangmai village to feel the hardship of others. “The vegetables we have distributed may be minuscule items but we will be failing in our human responsibility if we do not extend that little help that is within our capacity as fellow human beings,” stated Dr Alyson Abonmai.
Dr Alyson had rendered similar services individually on various occasions earlier also, after the lockdown to check Covid-19 was imposed.

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