Food supply not distributed in hill districts: ATRPFM

IMPHAL, 6th Apr: Denouncing alleged failure of the government to translate the assurance given for providing adequate food supplies to the people into action, All Tribal Rights' Protection Forum Manipur (ATRPFM) has pointed out that they came to know from various sources that the required edible items as promised by Chief Minister N Biren were not distributed in the hill districts.
Issuing a press release in this regard, general secretary of ATRPFM James Haokip said that the MLAs, ADCs, ration agents, and other authorities concerned have failed to provide the entitled shares of the citizens.
Asserting that funds for the relief works might have already been received from the Union Government and many institutions, organisations and individuals have been donating lakhs of rupees to the State fund, James Haokip questioned the commitment of the Government, particularly the MLAs of the hill constituencies.
He observed that providing a few kilograms of rice would not relieve the people from their suffering in such difficult times as people living in the hill are very poor and they have no savings of their own. There are also no proper communication facilities and they have no products of their own, James added.
He continued that the stocks of food items have been exhausted as road were not free, and authorities concerned have not provided anything till date except few kgs of rice, which a family with children could never maintain. Pointing out that the inhabitants of hill villages solely depend on minor forest produces and from the market outside their villages for their livelihood, he stressed that it is only the government and authorities concerned on whom they would depend.
Urging for an investigation into the failure of providing adequate foods, James opined that their relief materials seemed to have been misappropriated by some selfish leaders.
Lamenting that rich Christians and Churches are not seen helping the needy in such difficult situation, he said that such act is very opposite to Christian’s principle and faith.
ATRPFM appealed to the Chief Minister, MLAs, ADCs, Agents and all authorities concerned to look into the matter and monitor the provision of relief materials minutely so that the deserving individuals are not deprived of their right to life in such difficult situation. Demanding to distribute the food items at the earliest as entitled, James warned that they would take up legal action against the responsible officers, agents or individuals if they failed to distribute their share of food.

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