UNLF for moratorium during lockdown period

IMPHAL, 5th Apr: The proscribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) appealed to private banks, money lenders and all those who provide loan to small time vegetable vendors and traders not to collect interest till the lockdown against COVID-19 pandemic is over.
Expressing concern over suffering of the people particularly farmers, daily wage earners and those residing on rents due to the ongoing lockdown, the outfit also appealed to landlords and those leasing out shops not to collect rent for the lockdown period and few months after the lockdown ends on humane ground.
According to a statement of the outfit, COVID-19 has killed more than 60,000 people and infected more than one million people around the world. When the pandemic reached Manipur, government suddenly imposed lockdown without any preparation from March 23 and this gave serious impact to entire people of the land. Economically weaker sections of the society, vegetable vendors and daily wage earners are worst hit by government imposed lockdown and curfew and it would be impossible for these sections of the society to repay interest for loan they borrowed before lockdown as all their activities have stopped now. It indeed would be double burden for these sections of the society as they are now in critical situation on whether to earn for livelihood or repay loan borrowed from banks and wealthy people. Many people from far-flung areas earn for livelihood by staying at rent in town areas and used to repay loan and rent before the imposition of lockdown. As all daily livelihood activities of these people came to standstill, it would be impossible for them to either repay loan interest or house rent, the outfit said and appealed private banks and local wealthy people who provided loan to small time vegetable vendors and traders not to collect interest for lockdown and public curfew period.
Reacting strongly to airlifting of huge betel leaves amidst the present alarming situation even by openly hiring air cargo by few selfish, the UNLF statement issued by department of publicity director M Sak-hen said this incident showcased open and secret policies being adopted by Indian leaders and their local cohorts to uproot Manipuri society.
The outfit then urged entire people of Manipur to fight COVID-19 pandemic as well as secret policies of the enemy collectively. 

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