Price of goods rises, medicine stock depletes

IMPHAL, 5th Apr: Even though the government has issued strong instruction to refrain from hiking prices of essential commodities taking undue advantage of the lockdown, prices of essential commodities have soared sky high with the government unable to check the situation while there is rapid depletion of stock of medicines.
Despite the numerous orders issued related with the lockdown, the actual implementation on the ground is not satisfactory. Though chief minister N Biren repeatedly said that there are adequate stocks of essential commodities and the government will ensure availability, several shops have downed their shutters due to exhaustion of stocks. There is no system to check price of these commodities and the price differs from place to another.
However, despite the high price, public are forced to buy as stocking up food is becoming more important than the high price.
Some concerned public told The People’s Chronicle that the government needs to check such exorbitant hike of prices without waiting for evidences as nobody would be able or willing to provide any proof. They also expressed concern that the situation seems to be either out of control of the government or the government’s machinery is not willing to act on it.
Considering the situation, the government needs to find out the source and reason of the price hike whether it is the retailers or the wholesalers or the suppliers. Unless the government takes up immediate steps to contain the situation, there are even possibilities of theft crimes taking place as some would definitely be not in the position to afford to buy the essential commodities, they observed.
As the condition in Italy is getting out of control of the government, incidents of theft and robbery are increasing in the country every day. It is the responsibility of the government to take up necessary measures to prevent such situation in the state.
Apart from rapid exhaustion of essential goods, the lockdown enforced to contain further spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has started to have serious impact on stocks of protective medical supplies like hand sanitisers, antiseptic solutions, spirit and PPEs. Many pharmaceutical stores across the state have reports rapid depletion of stock of medicines.
According to JN Hospital Pharmacy Association secretary S Sanathoi, the pharmacy shops in the state including those around JNIMS have been providing their services to the public and stockists are also doing their best to ensure availability of required stocks. Despite these efforts, stocks of protective medical supplies are depleting fast due to the surge in public demand.
The situation could take a grim turn unless it is addressed at the earliest, he said while urging the stockists and government for a coordinated effort to ensure regular supply of these medical supplies as well as other medicines.

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