AMUCO urges Govt to ensure availability of life saving drugs

IMPHAL, 4th Apr: While appreciating the government for announcing that essential commodities including edible items will be made available to the public, All Manipur United Clubs’ Organisation (AMUCO) has appealed to the government to announce publicly that lifesaving drugs will also be made accessible to the public.
Issuing a statement in this regard, AMUCO president Ph Nando Luwang pointed out that patients suffering from HIV, Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart, Kidney and Liver, etc., who need to take regular medicine are in distress due to the lockdown and public curfew.
Moreover, most of the pharmacies in the state remained closed due to the lockdown but these patients need to take the required medicines in time, otherwise they may fall ill which could be more deadly than the pandemic Coronavirus.
As such, the organisation appealed to the state government to ensure that medicines are made available to them while ensuring to provide essential commodities to the public. While seeking attention of the government regarding the problems faced by the poultry farmers due to shortages of feeding materials, AMUCO urged the government to consider the sufferings faced by the daily wagers and farmers.

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