MHRC for use of rehab centres as quarantine facility

 IMPHAL, 3rd Apr: In view of the current Coronavirus pandemic and following a complaint petition filed by Community Network for Empowerment (CoNE), a member of Community Response on COVID-19 (CROC-19), the Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has recommended for conversion of all the government sponsored dysfunctional drug rehabilitation centres into quarantine centre for drug users who were picked up by police or to identify school/colleges and take up detoxification camps.

Issuing a release in this regard, president of CoNE Nalinikanta Rajkumar informed that the recommendation has come following a petition filed by CoNE on April 2 appealing to the commission highlighting immediate concerns relating to Drug De Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre during the time of COVID-19 pandemic in the state. He further informed that MHRC registered the complaint under case number 43 of 2020 and considering the graveness of the situation conducted a case hearing via Skype on the same day with acting Chairperson Khaidem Mani and the petitioner.

Nalinikanta conveyed that during the hearing, certain recommendations were adopted. The recommendations are to ensure that no new admission are entertained in privately run rehabilitation centres and refrain from discharge of any inmates from the private centres. He also appealed to authority concerned to convert all unused government rehab centres into isolated/quarantine centre for the drug users picked up by police or to identify school/colleges and take up detoxification camps and to ensure private centres do not shut owing to shortage of essential commodities by making them available at subsidized rate. Nilakanta continued that the recommendations are in the process of being submitted to the government for necessary action.

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