AMUCO urges to refrain from hate speech


IMPHAL, 2nd Apr: Expressing concern over the latest development in the state regarding the pandemic COVID-19, All Manipur United Clubs’ Organisation (AMUCO) has appealed to all to refrain from making communal remarks especially during such crisis situation.

AMUCO also appealed to believers of all faiths and religions to refrain from gathering for religious events saying that the pandemic cannot be cured or prevented by congregating for prayers.

In a statement, AMUCO stated that no individual or community would want to hide the disease and the neighbourhood of any suspected or positive case is more worried than the rest of the state. It is time for unity and solidarity but not for division. At the same time, any individual, who participated or stayed in the area of Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi should report to the authority and never hide their travel history. It is unfortunate that some of the individuals did not come out voluntarily when the government made an appeal to report themselves to the health authorities if they had attended the event, the statement said. 

On the other hand, the issue of COVID-19 seems to have been sidelined in the state following the matter of rice distribution, AMUCO said. It then appealed to the FPS agents to ensure proper distribution of the PDS items and also to the local clubs to monitor and get involved in the process.

AMUCO also appealed to the state government to provide adequate stock of PPEs and other required materials to the healthcare professionals, who are actively involved in fighting the pandemic. Unfortunately, there are reports of some doctors, nurses and para-medical staff trying to take leave or voluntary retirement in such a crucial period, it stated and appealed to the government not to entertain such applications as far as possible and take up steps to forfeit service benefits if insisted through fraudulent means. 

 Expressing concern over the closure of CHCs, PHCs, and PHSCs during the lockdown, the AMUCO statement also drew attention of the government for ensuring functioning of these health centres so that the public could get access to healthcare facilities for emergency and child delivery services. Denying medical treatment for emergency situations is against the ethics of healthcare workers, it maintained while urging the government to review the situation.

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