Ensure essential items for effective lockdown: Joykisan

STAFF REPORTER IMPHAL, 1st Apr: Observing that several people violated the lockdown imposed by the government to curb the pandemic COVID-19 and came out in the streets even if they knew that staying indoors is the best possible way of keeping oneself away from deadly infection, Tangmeiband MLA Kh Joykisan has asserted out that the lockdown will be successful only when adequate quantity of essential items were made available to the public. Speaking to media persons on the sidelines of distributing rice and pulses to the people of Tangmeiband assembly constituency on Wednesday, Kh Joykisan urged the people to stay safe and take precautionary measures against the pandemic COVID-19. Highlighting that the government has taken stringent measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus by imposing curfew in the entire state, he appealed to the people to co-operate with the lockdown imposed by government by staying indoors. He also encouraged people to help one another and live peacefully in such troubled times. MLA Joykisan observed that government is imposing fine on those people who violated the lockdown and curfew but most of them came out in the streets for important activities related to health care and buying of eatable items. Tus, the government needs to look into the matter seriously, he added. Upon hearing various grievances from the public relating to distribution of essential items by the government, Joykisan said that people are not satisfied with the present distribution system for essential items and such dissatisfaction led people to come out in the streets searching for buying essential items despite the lockdown. Reminding that various essential items other than rice are not made available to public by the government, the MLA said that even though rice meant for the poor people under NFSA are being distributed freely without any distinction between the rich and poor, there is no guarantee that the beneficiaries of NFSA would get their benefits in the later days. 



 Even though Chief Minister N Biren issued instruction to distribute atleast 4 kg per person, 5 kg of rice was distributed to every individual in Thangmeiband AC, the MLA said, adding that this has been made possible as the volunteers and members of Thangmeiband Kendra Development Organisation (TAKDO) donated their shares for the sake of the people. 

Joykisan welcomed such steps and showed gratitude to the volunteers and members of TAKDO. 

He pointed out that the government should encourage doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and security personnel who are the frontline warriors in the fight against Coronavirus. The people should also know that the punishment given by security personnel for violating the curfew is for their own welfare and safety, he added. 

Joykisan observed that suspension of police personnel by the government for punishing a curfew violator at Yairipok recently was not appropriate and added that the government should not repeat such steps as it would demoralize security personnel in such difficult times. 

Joykisan stressed that it is not the time to take political advantages but all should work together without any political difference for the welfare of the people. Even though he is in the opposition, he will cooperate and help any good steps taken up the ruling party of the government, the MLA assured. 

Rice and pulses were distributed to every individual enlisted in the voter list of Thangmeiband area. But he will ensure that everyone in the age group of 5 to 18 years who are not enlisted in the voter list also get the benefit, Joykisan said, while urging the people of Thangmeiband who didn’t receive the distributed items to meet club members of their respective localities to avail the benefit.

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