KIM rubbishes KTU statementz

KAIMUANTHANG MANGTE CCPUR, 1st Apr: While refuting the press statement issued by ‘self-styled’ president of ‘Kuki Tribal Union’ in the letterhead of NSCN-IM on March 22 regarding Chassad village conflagration, Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM) has said the statement has exposed the shallowness and depravity of the organisation. According to a KIM statement, such outrageous claims are made time and again by few self-seeking puny individuals who are in the pockets of their masters and whose sole purpose in life is to do their masters’ bidding. Te very name ‘Kuki Tribal Union’ is a misnomer in itself as it claims to represent the Kukis, whose only actions and activities upon the Kukis hitherto, has been deplorable to say the least; an organisation whose ideology is inimical to the welfare and well-being of the Kukis. History is a living witness to this undisputable fact; and history will vindicate the Kukis in this count. Te presumed ‘Kuki Tribal Union’, far from being an organisation of the Kukis, is an organisation which has no creed, no credence and absolutely no mandate of the Kuki people. Te best they can do, from their safe enclosure is parrot their masters’ lines and dance to their masters’ drumbeats in the hope of a few crumbs of bread. It will be prudent on the part of the handful of individuals who call themselves ‘Kuki Tribal Union’, to cease and desist from interfering and commenting on the affairs of the Kuki people, if they still have an iota of self-respect left in them, the KIM statement issued by its information and publicity department said. KTU and their masters are in a state of self-induced delusion, cherry picking only documents sans the context, to suit their nefarious design and fallacious interpretation of history. 



 The attempt to interpret the impasse between Chassad and Sampui villages, which led to the reprehensible incident in which Chassad was reduced to cinders, as an inter-village rivalry, is nothing but a design to camouflage their real ominous intention upon the Kukis and the symbolic value that Chassad holds for all the Kukis.

It may be pertinent to categorically state here that Eastern Kuki Chiefs’ Association (EKCA) in a press release dated on July 25, 2019 had made a clarification on the Joint consultation of EKCA and TNL on July 20, 2019. EKCA had stated explicitly in their statement that it is perturbed and astounded at the brazen misinterpretation and fabrication of the outcomes of the meeting by the TNL. EKCA had made their stand plain and clear and had even fully endorsed the peaceful co-existence of the two communities. ‘KTU has no legal rights to comment on the historical status and rights of the Kuki people, KIM said.

It will be in the interest of all if the supposed Kuki Tribal Union could keep their thought confined to themselves in the safety enclosures of their masters and refrain from commenting upon and interfering in the issues of the Kuki community, the KIM statement added.

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