CorCom calls for fighting COVID-19 unitedly


IMPHAL, 31st Mar: The proscribed Coordination Committee (CorCom), a conglomerate of underground groups, has called upon the people of Manipur to fight COVID-19 pandemic collectively. 

A CorCom statement issued by its media coordinator M Sak-hen said that at least 159 countries have so far been affected by COVID-19 and more than 5 lakh people around the globe tested positive of the deadly virus. The virus has killed 23,439 people around the globe till March 27 from just five positive cases detected at Wuhan in the last part of December 2019, the CorCom statement said while presenting outfit’s own version on the deadly disease to the people of Manipur. 

While citing WHO report, CorCom said that COVID-19 would affect several million people in India and it would be a severe breach of Manipur’s ‘national character’ if the mentality of fighting the deadly disease in India by drinking urine of animal spreads to Manipur. 

The outfit also predicted that fighting COVID-19 in Manipur would be harder as some people who are in the race for power struggle try to extinguish norms of the society/locality and self-sustenance. The acute shortage in health sector due to prolonged suppression by India has now come to the fore, the outfit said. 

While suggesting that people of Manipur could save from the deadly disease if they take utmost care and understand poor healthcare facilities, the conglomerate group said it would be impossible to fight COVID-19 by the existing health infrastructure in Manipur if more people happen to be infected by the disease.

While observing that Manipur government should take up certain steps to fight COVID-19 without waiting fund from India government, CorCom suggested drinking water provision to every people during lockdown. The outfit also called for preparing of a list of daily wage earners and provide them with rations and free treatment to COVID-19 related patients at both government and private hospitals. 

Another suggestion the outfit made is direct control of private hospitals by government till complete control of COVID-19.

The outfit also said that private companies should not deduct salary of employees and private schools should waive tuition fees for students. It also said that India government should be made known about racist attack against Manipuris residing outside.

The conglomerate group also called upon people of Manipur to extend helping hand to anyone infected by the disease. 

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