Many justify action against lockdown violators


IMPHAL, 31st Mar: With photographs and videos showing police action against violators of the nationwide lockdown emerging on social media, several sections of the public have justified the harsh action as mandatory measure to prevent further transmission of the COVID-19 in the state.

Till date, over 8 lakhs people have been infected and over 38,000 killed in the global pandemic. The situation in the country is also getting serious day by day. Several experts are warning of an explosion in the infection rate in the country. As such tough actions are needed to prevent further transmission and death toll.

As part of the nationwide lockdown for 21 days, the state government promulgated restriction in public movement under CrPC section 144. Despite the restriction, there are still several people, who defy the lockdown and come out without any care. 

Several individuals whom The People’s Chronicle spoke to expressed discontentment over the act of defying the lockdown. Taking serious note on their actions, many said that they might not worry about their health and life but there are people in the frontline who are carrying out their duties to fight the global pandemic. Such reckless acts of the ignorant people will put the lives of the frontline workers at risk. It is indeed necessary to take up harsh actions against those individuals who defy the restrictions, they stated.

As per announcement made by chief minister N Biren, the curfew does not cover milkmen, water carrier, those going to rice mill and coming out to buy medicine among others.  

 However, police personnel posted near IPATHOUKOK Club at Naoremthong on Tuesday morning around 6 stopped a milkman and forced him to return. People who came out to buy drinking water were also forced to return home by police by using loudspeakers and derogative words, many said while expressing discontentment.

There was also an incident of police assaulting a newspaper hawker on Tuesday morning around 5. The victim hawker has been identified as M Brajamani of Lamboi Khongnangkhong. Though taking up stern actions against those who violate the restriction order is necessary, the government must give proper instructions to the state police to verify the reason for coming out and allow free passage of individuals working in essential services.

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