MLAs set up 'district task force' to aid natives staying outside Ukhrul


UKHRUL, Mar 30: As Ukhrul district steps up measures to stem spread of Covid-19 and ease panic among the people, MLAs of Ukhrul, Chingai and Phungyar constituencies namely, Alfred Kanngam Arthur, Khashim Vashum and Leishiyo Keishing have come together and formed a District Task Force (DTF) to provide assistance to natives who are staying/living outside the district in this time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Announcing this during a press briefing at the District Mini-Secretariat conference hall on Sunday evening, Ukhrul MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur said that the District Task Force has been formed by the three MLAs with the objective of reaching out to all the natives of Ukhrul district who are currently outside their hometown and assisting them in whatever ways possible to ease their distress and difficult situations.

"On forming the DTF, we have duly created a general corpus fund pool amounting to Rs 30 lakh with the contribution of Rs 10 lakh each from each of the MLA," he informed, adding that the target group of this initiative included all natives who are currently staying outside the district, be it in Imphal or other parts of India and abroad during this critical lockdown period.

Elaborating on the initiative, MLA Alfred said that as immediate intervention, they will look into the situations of those natives and reach out to them either with financial services or with other assistances to bring them back to their hometown safe.

"Necessary directives and system of implementing this district task force will be worked out in due course of time," he continued.

At the same time, the MLA reiterated the assurance that there will not be shortage of essential commodities for all the denizens of the district and urged them not to panic about it. He, nevertheless, appealed to the residents of the township as well as those in the villages, to consume all essential commodities judiciously for sustenance throughout this crisis period.

Along with this, he went on to appeal to the entire community to develop a sense of humanity and help one another, as members of Christian society saying: "Because this is going to be an acid test for our trademark hospitality. This is a challenge from both humanity and the Almighty God himself and we must live up to the Christ's teaching of loving our neighbours."

"The whole world is grappling in the fight against this Coronavirus disease which the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared as a pandemic. Everyone is being caught unprepared by this crisis and in this time of worst situation that the world community has ever faced in history, I recommend you all to read Psalm 1 in the Bible," he advised, adding that the underlying message of the scripture is about the blessings of the righteous. 

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