MLA Alfred allays fear on shortage of essential goods in Ukhrul


UKHRUL, March 28: Amidst reports of depleting stock position of essential commodities gripping the town, MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur has assured that availability of all essential items of daily requirements for the common man would be ensured throughout the lockdown period in the district, urging the public not to panic.

"I assure the public, especially the residents of Ukhrul district headquarters that everything is in place and that they will not face lack of any essential commodities," the MLA said while briefing media persons in the town in the presence of SP Worngam Ningshen at the latter's office on Saturday.

"I assure that there is no need for the public to panic. I will be stationed here throughout this period of pandemic crisis and whatever your needs are, we will struggle and strive through this together," Alfred said.

He, nevertheless, noted that the only difference this time, was the current imposition of nationwide lockdown which was necessitated to ensure survival of the citizens, and urged the town's residents to adhere to the rules of the lockdown. "It is in this time of crisis that the community comes together and fight collectively as one against the disease," he said.

He further informed that an arrangement for free distribution of 5 kg of rice for every member of each household in the district has been made, and added that every household irrespective of Ration Cards, will get their due ration.

He also informed that face mask will be distributed to one member of each household in the town and in the villages for use by only the person who is assigned to procure essential goods from outside for their respective households, adding that the distribution is likely to start from March 30.

Meanwhile, SP Ningshen has informed that the public behaviour during public curfew/lockdown period has changed since the last time. "There has been a notable  change in the way  that the public, especially customers who came out to buy essential commodities from grocery stores, behaved during today's relaxation hours. The scenes of crowd huddling have gone and people now behaved more sensibly and maintained the basic social distance at most public places," he said.

The police officer then urged the town's residents to continue to cooperate with the law enforcement agency and the authorities in ensuring strict adherence to the safety norms of keeping a distance of one metre or three feet to help prevent spread of the disease in the district.

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