CM urges new entrants to conduct Covid-19 test


IMPHAL, 24th Mar: Following con rmation of a COVID-19 case in the state, chief minister N Biren has appealed to all natives of the state, who returned home recently, to come forward and conduct the required test.

In a video clip posted on his so- cial media account, CM Birenan- nounced con rmation of COVID-19 positive case of a young woman, who studies in a foreign country and said that the required medical treatment is being administered to the patient.

“Unfortunately, people of the state have a tendency of negli- gence which is very unfortunate and uncalled for. e government has been taking up stringent mea- sures since January 18 to prevent outbreak of the viral infection in the state. Repeated appeals have been made to stop public gathering and stay indoors. Despite the gov- ernment’s lockdown notice, there

are still reports of people partying and holding feasts,” he said while urging all to refrain from such acts.

On the other hand, long queues in front of petrol pumps and gro- cery shops were seen. In order to prevent such situations, the gov- ernment had to promulgate curfew and the restriction will continue to exist. However, there will be no restrictions in purchasing grocery from local shops but one must exer- cise caution and prevent crowding even in such space, the CM said.

Biren also expressed discontent- ment over outing of lockdown protocol by public without realising the gravity of the situation and lack of understanding that the measures are taken up to protect their lives. Stating that the government had started delivery of PDS rice to all the assembly constituencies start- ing Monday, he appealed to all to remain indoors for the upcoming days.

He then appealed to all to remain calm and not to panic over the sit- uation. He also urged all against discriminating any suspect or con- rmed patients as the diseases is not a result of questionable character. 

At the same time, any person showing sus- pected symptoms of Covid-19 need not feel ashamed or fear. Instead of hiding their con- dition, it would be better for them as well as the whole state if they come out voluntarily and carry out the required test to con rm their health and early treatment if found positive.

Any person in the high risk group of in- fection must self-quarantine for at least 14 days as it is necessary to prevent any local

transmission, especially during the incuba- tion period. Hiding the condition will not only endanger their lives but also the lives of their family members as well as the whole state, the CM cautioned.

e rst priority of the government is to save lives and it needs collective responsi- bility from all.

It was their high discipline that helps China in containing the situation, Birenpointed out, while calling for sincere support and cooperation from the general public.

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