Covid-19 threat takes twisty turns in Ukhrul

UKHRUL, 14th Mar: In the midst of public fearing possible spread of COVID-19 due to a crowded wedding ceremony that took place at Riha village in Southern Ukhrul on March 23, a shocking report has emerged that some co-passengers of the girl from Imphal, who was diagnosed with the disease, attended the wedding.

According to sources, two persons from Senapati district, who also attended the wedding function happened to be in the same ight. One of them was the makeup artist of the bride and her 4/5 year-old kid accompanied her to the wedding that took place at around noon, sources informed, adding that many villagers had cuddled the child.

At the same time, another four indi- viduals from the district, who boarded the same ight (i5-501 Air Asia) with the state's rst COVID-19 patient, were tracked down.

According to reports, the four indi- viduals from Ukhrul district belonged to

Teinem and Seikhor villages. On learning of the whereabouts, the District Sur- veillance O cer contacted the individ- uals and placed them under quarantine immediately.

Meanwhile, District Magistrate Ukhrul has issued Prohibitory Order under sub-section 2 of Section 144 CrPC with e ect from Tuesday to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Ukhrul district.

e co-passengers of the COVID-l9 patient reached Seikhor village on March 21 and another two co-passengers visited and halted at Teinem village on March 21 and 22, the report said, adding that the co-passengers have been directed to report to Ukhrul District Hospital im- mediately for quarantine.

e district magistrate has also di- rected all the residents of Selkhor and Teinem villages to completely refrain from moving out of their homes and remain in isolation under home quarantine with immediate e ect.

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