Federation mulls derecognising titular king

IMPHAL, 16th Mar: Denouncing the decision of titular king Leishemba Sanajaoba to join politics and contest the upcoming Rajya Sabha election as BJP candidate as a wrong move, president of Federation of Haomee Sapamcha Jadumani has warned that his organisation along with 25 other communities will derecognise Sanajaoba as a king if he stands against wishes of the people.
Speaking to media persons at the office of Federation here on Monday, Jadumani pointed out that many people got martyred while fighting against the British for the protection of Manipur which was an independent nation even though they knew they will be defeated. Such memories give pride to the people till date, he added.
He went on to say that through the ages, safeguarding freedom has been one of the main duties of the people of the land which has a history of over 2000 years.
Recalling that titular king Leisemba Sanajaoba was also someone who stood and considered Merger Agreement as a deceptive pact, Jadumani stressed that the people felt surprised by the act of Sanajaoba in filing nomination paper for contesting in Rajya Sabha election.
He further said that joining the politics by the titular king at such a time when there is hot debate over the legality of Merger agreement has given the wrong impression that the merger agreement was valid and the voice of the people who stand against it are wrong.
He continued that several conventions, discussions and movements were launched along with the masses and a resolution adopted during a two-day long people’s convention in 1993 resolved that the merger agreement was wrong as the signatories of the agreement should be between two governments. Such individualistic decision and act of filing nomination paper for contesting election by Leishemba Sanajaoba has negated all the movements and conventions of the people, he observed.
Jadumani stressed that standing against the people by a person like Sanajaoba will destroy the works being done for bringing peace and unity among the people of hills and valley.
He claimed that the blood of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the king and for safeguarding independence of the land lies at the hands of the king. So, the titular king can only earn his respect from the people by withdrawing his nomination paper for contesting the MP election, he concluded. Convener of Core committee, Federation of Haomee Sweten Raihing maintained that various external factors and influences have disintegrated Manipur which was once a united and peaceful place. He contended that nomination of the titular king as the candidate for BJP is a calculated move So, Leisemba Sanajaoba should listen to the voice of people, he added.
Raihing further said that the king being poor is a wrong argument as all the educated youths of the land are all his sons and daughters. So, the titular king would be valued and respected even more if he withdraws the nomination paper in the interest of his motherland.
Considering that it is the duty of the king to ensure peace and tranquility among the people of the hill and valley, Sanajaoba should also try to promote the tradition, cultures and customary laws of the land, Raihing said.
Recalling the days of Congress era where the government tried to convert the royal palace into a museum, Raihing said that people of both the hills and the valley opposed the move in due consideration of the fact all the cultures and traditions will be lost forever.
Raihing further said that the king should teach the people that their love for motherland could not be bought by money. Leishemba Sanajaoba should reconsider his decision of contesting the MP election as shifting from being a king to a candidate of MP is a shameful act, he added.

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