'NSCN (K) resorting to fear-striking tactics'

SHILLONG, 9th Nov: The Indian Army on Thursday claimed that the NSCN (K) is losing ground in areas along the Indo-Myanmar border while maintaining that the people are no longer fearful of them.

According to PRO Defence(Guwahati) Lt Col Suneet Newton, the people living in the border areas are no longer fearful of the NSCN (Khaplang) and this is evident from the support rendered by the locals of Niausa village in Arunachal Pradesh recently, whereby they came out in large number protesting against the illegal activities carried out by NSCN (K) and decided to ban safe passage to the militants.

“People are no longer fearful of them. They have come out openly. They want peace. Both the union and state governments are carrying out large amount of developmental activities, so people over there don’t want to miss the ‘bus’ of peace and prosperity,” Lt Col Newton said.

Meanwhile, the Defence PRO (Guwahati) also claimed that the NSCN (K) is losing ground compelling them to adopt measures by striking fear in the hearts of the people. “Their aim is to propagate, spread lies, to create terror amongst the people over there,” he said.

Explaining the ground reality, Lt Col Newton said that their (NSCN (K)’s aim at the tactical and sub-tactical level is to create fear so that they can continue with their illegal activities and extortion in inducing fear amongst the people.

However, peace will prevail; he said adding that the people now are coming out to protest against the atrocities of the insurgent group.

It may be reminded that recently, locals of Niausa village right on the Indo-Myanmar border in Arunachal Pradesh infested for decades by the terror outfit from Nagaland, has taken a bold decision to ban them from entering their village after they alleged that they were used as ‘human shields’ during October 10 encounter when suspected NSCN-K militant attacked Indian Army operation base located at Longding district.

Meanwhile, Defence PRO (Kohima) Lt Col Chiranjeet Konwer maintained that owing to the porous border and terrain, swift entry and exit of militants seeking shelter in local villages located just 20 kms from the Indo-Myanmar border is a major bone of contention.

“This gives a lot of scope for insurgents to carry out their illegal activities and instil fear in the minds of the people,” Lt Col Konwer said.

Furthermore, the Lt Colonel said that with the advent of technology, the NSCN (K) is also exploring the virtual world to spread lies and instil fear.

Referring to NSCN (K)/GPRN MIP Isak Sumi’s Facebook Profile, Lt Col Konwer said militant outfits now are taking to social media to propagate their ideologies and lies. When asked whether a close watch is being kept on Sumi’s social media activities, Konwer replied in a negative stating “It is the duty of the Intelligence to overlook these matters.”

However, stating that social media is one of the major challenges in combating terrorism, Col Konwer said “We are doing our bit to keep track of their illegal activities in the ground level and combat cyber-crime.”

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