Many urge for steps to curb highway robbery

MOREH, 17th Oct: With Ningol Chakkouba, one of the grandest festivals of the state, just round the corner; trade volume in Moreh town has increased manifold with people from all over the state thronging the border town to buy gifts and other household goods for the festival.
However, the upsurge in trade and traffic volume along the Imphal-Moreh highway brings along the risk of increasing robbery incidents, which have been apparent for quite some time now along the highway, especially at the outskirt of the border town.
Considering the fact that most of the vehicles leave the town late in the afternoon, strict security measures are the need of the hour to prevent unwanted incidents of looting the traders, passengers and families travelling in clusters.
In such a situation, several sections of the public have drawn attention of Moreh police and Assam Rifles for taking up measures for early departure of those leaving the town.
In the present situation, vehicles leaving Moreh town are forced to spend several hours at the check posts of Moreh police and Assam Rifles at Khudengthabi. As such, they often reach Lokchao after sunset and Tengnoupal police check post somewhere between 9 and 10 pm thereby increasing the risk of facing anti-social elements including robberies and possible outrage of women’s modesty.
In this regard, many are of the view that regular and frequent ROP by police and other security agencies along the Imphal-Moreh highway would instil a sense of security among the travellers and safe passage as well.
Many urged the government and its security agencies to take up such measures as soon as possible to prevent unwanted incidents while stating that there might be some individuals or gang members, who are waiting to strike just to drive a wedge among the people of different communities.

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