Kuki Rebellion not War: Federation

IMPHAL, 16th Oct: Maintaining that there was Kuki Rebellion in the history but not Anglo-Kuki War, Federation of Haomee working president Ramthing Hungyo has urged the chief minister not to participate in the centenary commemoration being organised in the state.
Addressing a press meet at Manipur Press Club here on Wednesday, Ramthing said that the acceptance of the CM to attend the event and unveil the memorial stone amounts to double standard nature. He then appealed to the CM not to attend the programme as his presence might spark unwanted consequences in the state.
He maintained that there is no historical episode of Anglo-Kuki War but the Kuki Rebellion took place in 1917 to 19. As per archive record, the Khongsai community came from the then Burma and they remained as refugees till 1968.
War is the clash between nations but uprising against the government for various issues are called rebellion not war, he asserted.
Federation president Sapamcha Jadumani said that the Kuki tribe was used to be known as Khongsai and now they are planning to erect memorial stone in the name of Anglo-Kuki War. During the reign of King Churachand, Chingakham Sanajaoba who is said to be the king’s elder brother gathered support from the Khongsai tribe to overthrow the king. Sanajaoba made an agreement with the Khongsai to reduce the tax from Rs 3 to Re 1 in order to garner their support.
However, king Churachand subdued the rebellion and he was given the title Dampi Ngamba and the same is written on Page 585 and 586 of Cheitharol Kumbaba. As such, the incident is not Anglo-Kuki War but a rebellion, he said.
Consequent to the rebellion, 12 people were sent to Kohima Jail. The 12 people wrote to the then king to pardon their offence while disclosing the agreement they made with Sanajaoba. The same letter is still in the state archives, he informed.
Jadumani then urged the people of different communities to stay united as brothers instead of demanding homeland or exclusiveness. On the other hand, nobody in the state ever asked them to leave but the people are asking for living together peacefully with mutual understanding. No community in the state should demand separate homeland or administration, he added.

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