‘Ancestral land’ claims concerns AMUCO

IMPHAL, 15th Oct: Maintaining that the memorial stone of Anglo-Kuki War with the inscription ‘In defence of our ancestral land and freedom’ being erected in several parts of the state is not appropriate and might create unwanted situation in the state especially in the backdrop of the present volatile situation, All Manipur United Clubs’ Organisation (AMUCO) has appealed to the Kuki leaders and people of the community to refrain from using such inscription.
In a statement, AMUCO said that different communities claiming different parts of the state as their ancestral land will only create communal unrest in the state and appealed to all communities to give up such parochial outlook. Expressing that Kuki leaders advocating inclusion of the contentious words in the memorial stones leave ample room to suspect whether there is a hidden agenda, AMUCO also urged the state government to take up necessary steps to enforce the restriction it imposed failing which the government will be held responsible for any unwanted outcomes. It appealed to Kukis to remove the inscription if they think the people of different communities in the state as their brothers. On the other hand, some sections of Tangkhul community are also countering the claim of Kukis on the ownership of the land, which is equally objectionable, AMUCO said and appealed to all communities to stop claiming different parts of the state as their ancestral land as the whole state belongs to all the indigenous communities.
The statement further said that the clarification of Kukis that the word ‘ancestral’ belongs to all the indigenous communities is not acceptable to all and urged leaders and people of Kuki community to take a noble decision and refrain from using such incendiary words either on the memorial stones or backdrops of commemoration programmes.

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